Agricultural and resource economics

The Agricultural and Resource Economics research area covers activities related to the fields of economy, policy, business administration and appraisal applied to the production, transformation, distribution, market and consumption of products from the primary sector (agriculture, forestry and fishery), of agri-food economics and agricultural biotechnology and their interconnection with socio-economic, environmental and extension systems. The research area embraces the economic aspects concerning environmental impact, socio-economic development of the rural areas, dynamical interactions between urban and rural areas and the relative planning of the innovation processes in the territory.
Claudia Bazzani
Temporary Assistant Professor
Diego Begalli
Full Professor
Roberta Capitello
Associate Professor
Davide Nicola Vincenzo Gaeta
Associate Professor
Riccardo Scarpa
Associate Professor
Topic People Description
Agricultural and resource economics standard compliant  Scimago
Agribusiness Davide Nicola Vincenzo Gaeta
Management and organization of agricultural firms; agricultural and wine organisations; agricultural business networks, in the wine sector Credits, Rural Development programme; business strategies in the wine sector; networking between firms; access to credit for farmers and wine firms; analysis of supply and demand for wine sector.
Agricoltural and resource economics Riccardo Scarpa
Agricultural water usage and its economics, rural landscape formation and multifunctionality of agricultural practices, sustainable production techniques, best practice adoption, certification processes and depopulation of rural areas, periurban agriculture and public production of amenities and ecosystem services, livestock economics in developing countries.
Agricultural and wine economics Davide Nicola Vincenzo Gaeta
Governments’ policies that support agriculture; Common Agricultural Policy, Common Market Organisation (CMO) for agri-food products; Instruments for supply control tools with focus on wine; Quality food programme; wine trade (bottled and bulk); Wine markets: Export and Import Trend; Barriers among countries; Tariff and Non-tariff measures; European wine policies and their impacts on the global wine trade. Wine critics, judges and scores: collective actions.
Agricultural and wine policy Davide Nicola Vincenzo Gaeta
European policies on agro-food products; quality designation of origins, geographical indications (PDO and PGI); wine quality standards; European wine polices, European and Italian implementations, support level, budgets, instruments, allocations of resources; support indications (Total support Estimates TSE, Producer support estimates, PSE; National supports programme); market price support, budgetary payments; instruments for development the competitiveness of EU wine sector. Lobbying activities, pressure groups; Promotion in thirds countries, strategies and implementations; investments and innovations in enterprises; analysis of efficiency of expenditures.
Food policy Riccardo Scarpa
Food labeling policy, nutritional information and food choice, obesity prevention and diet balancedness, alcoholic beverage and youth, lifestyle habit formation and diet, econometric models of food choice.
Agri-food systems Claudia Bazzani
Diego Begalli
Roberta Capitello
Market analysis of food products; traditional and typical products in the food and wine industries; risk perception in the wine industry; business strategies in agricultural cooperatives; sustainability in food and wine supply chains; impact of climate change on wine business performance; econometric analysis of food and wine trade; territorial clusters in food and wine sector; food and wine supply chains analysis, agri-food and wine products demand, food and wine markets analysis, case study analysis of agri-food and wine businesses, cost and price analyses in agri-food and wine industries.
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Catena del valore e sostenibilità nei sistemi agroalimentari e vitivinicoli Il gruppo di ricerca è attivo nei temi attinenti l’area di ricerca “Agricultural and Resource Economics”.
Impresa 4.0 e digital transformation per le MPMI di Verona Il gruppo di ricerca nasce in connessione al progetto congiunto Università di Verona - Camera di Commercio I.A.A. di Verona dal titolo “Impresa 4.0 e digital transformation per le MPMI di Verona” con il fine di apportare le proprie competenze in ambito organizzativo, aziendale, di gestione dei processi produttivi e logistici, nonché di marketing online.
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L’etichetta intelligente come strumento di garanzia nel rapporto fiduciario azienda-cliente per i vini Igt Veneti di alta qualità. SMA.LA.WI. Diego Begalli, Alessandro Zardini 4/1/19 36


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