Customer service and supply chain management (2006/2007)

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Course code
Ivan Russo
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
lezione 1 5.5 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 2° sem lez Ivan Russo
lezione 2 1 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 2° sem lez Barbara Gaudenzi
lezione 3 2 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 2° sem lez Giorgio Cavalieri
lezione 4 1.5 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 2° sem lez Pierluigi Cavicchi

Learning outcomes

The purpose of the module is to provide an adequate acknowledge about the instruments which allow firms to realize the customer satisfaction. It plays a key role for the creation of customer value, usually the first goal of marketing activities.


The course will take place in italian. See the main description for details of the programme.

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination consists of an oral exam.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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SIGNORI P. La misurazione dell'integrazione logistica nella Supply Chain Integrated Management (Capitolo 1) CEDAM 2004 8813255276 Lettura Integrativa
BORGHESI A. Marketing-Logistica Giuffrè 2006
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