Wine marketing and communication - New wine marketing tools (2014/2015)

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Roberta Capitello
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not yet allocated

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Learning outcomes

The teaching aims to deep the new approaches to wine marketing and communication. It intends to provide the students with knowledge and skills on the information system management, the elaboration of wine marketing strategies, the communication through new media and the territorial marketing strategies.


The approach to the wine marketing. The 8Ps of wine marketing.
The phases of marketing research. How to obtain secondary data. Primary data for wine business. Advanced data gathering and analysis techniques.
Wine consumer behaviour. The perception of wine quality.
Wine market segmentation. The role of social and psychological variables.
Wine branding and labelling.
Wine packaging.
Communication goals and new media in the wine industry.
Experience economy, wine experience and wine tourism.
Business networks and territorial strategies.

The material for study consists of the teacher presentations, lecture notes, teaching material and references delivered by the teacher during the lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria

Learning will be assessed through oral exam. The exam consists of a discussion aimed at verifying depth and breadth of knowledge, property of language, and analysis ability.