Giuliana Borello

Foto profilo,  September 20, 2017
Temporary Assistant Professor
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Giuliana Borello is Research Fellow in Banking and finance since July 2017. She obtained a Ph.D. in Markets and Financial intermediaries at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 2010.
Actually, she is a member of the Quality Assurance Research group of the Business Administration Department.
She spent a period of study and research at the University of Exeter in 2008 and participated in numerous international conferences. She is currently referee for the Journal of Banking and Finance, the European Journal of Finance, the International Journal of Emerging Markets and the Journal of Cleaner Production.
Her main research interests are:
  • technological innovation in the financial markets (FinTech)
  • innovation in corporate financing
  • marketplace lending and financial stability: trade-offs and synergies
  • the efficiency of financial intermediaries
She participates in the applied research project launched in September 2016 by Consob called " FinTech: digitalizzazione dei processi di intermediazione finanziaria", title of the work " Marketplace lending: verso nuove forme di intermediazione finanziaria?" coordinated by Giuseppe D'Agostino (Consob) and Pasquale Munafò (Consob)
In march 2017, she obtained the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as associate professor in Economics of Financial Intermediaries and Corporate Finance - 13 / B4.
Topic Description Research area
Efficiency and economies of scale in financial institutions Analysis of the efficiency of financial intermediaries through the Stochastic Frontier Approach (SFA). Examination of the determinants of economies of scale identifying relationships with business models and risk-taking features by financial intermediaries. Management of financial institutions
Management of financial institutions
Equity crowdfunding Equity crowdfunding as a tool to finance the start-up and growth of businesses. Analysis of the determinants for the success of the crowdfunding equity campaigns. Evaluation of the financial instruments subject to possible subscription in relation to the national and European legal framework. Corporate finance
Corporate finance
Financial Technology (FinTech) Analysis of the benefits and the risks that the development of the FinTech generates within the financial system. Analysis of microstructural configurations of crowdfunding platforms for financing in the form of debt (lending-based crowdfunding) or capital (equity-based crowdfunding) of consumers and companies. Financial markets
Financial markets