1st Workshop on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Speaker:  Rouxelle de Villiers - Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 9:30 AM
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Rouxelle de Villiers.  Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Discussants: Ilenia Confente (University of Verona), Matteo Corciolani (University of Pisa), Ivan Russo (University of Verona), Daniele Scarpi (University of Bologna)

9.30-10.00h:  Registration of the participants
10.00-11.00h: Session “Introduction to QCA”
  • Why QCA as methodology?
  • Asymmetric vs symmetric analysis
  • From narrow view, to broader approach with QCA
11.00- 11.30hCoffee break
11.30-12.45h: Session “Implementing QCA as empirical study: procedures and configural analysis”
  • From dataset to qualitative comparative analysis (QCA): beyond the “All-or-Nothing” association via QCA.
  • Step by step procedures (The property space; set-membership measures; evaluating consistency in set relation; logical reduction and analysis of configuration)
  • Interpreting results
13.00-14.00h: Lunch break
14.00-16.00h: Session “Your paper your way: QCA in action”
  • Three cases from marketing, management and supply chain journals: meet the authors
  • Tricky points, future challenges and opportunities to publish
  • Discussion on your research ideas
The workshop is open to anyone is interested in knowing more about QCA. PhD students, research fellows, faculty members, etc. are welcome.
Participation in the workshop is free. No fee is required. However, registration at the workshop is mandatory within June, 1st, 2019 here.
Further information will be provided after registration directly by email. 
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