Health care management

The Health Care Management research area promotes systems thinking and offers rigorous scientific approaches for solving tough health care problems, and address policy implications for both global lever (National or Regional Health Care Systems), and local one (hospital, GP studio, retirement homes, and so on). This area also analyzes the impacts that technologies have on governance and, in general, on the organizational structure, as well as the management of organizational processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the System.
Andrea Chiarini
Temporary Assistant Professor
Cecilia Rossignoli
Full Professor
Alessandro Zardini
Temporary Assistant Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Change management and the impact of ICT on the hospital Cecilia Rossignoli
Through qualitative and quantitative methods, analysis of some topics related to the organizational change in the hospitals. These changes are based on new information and knowledge made available through the electronic medical record (EMR) and the electronic health record (HER). Study of the impacts of the 3D printing in the reorganization of health care processes/activities in orthopedics.
Change management in the Health Care System and eHealth Alessandro Zardini
Analysis of the following topics: hospitals change management through the restructuring of information and the electronic medical records (EMR), and the reorganization of the PDTA (diagnostic therapeutic assistance path) through the business processes management approach, and the assessment of the managerial skills in the hospital board. Analysis conducted through qualitative-quantitative studies.
Operational Excellence for the Public Healthcare Andrea Chiarini
Implementation of models such as Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and CSR for the Public Healthcare


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