Organizational studies

Serena Cubico
Associate Professor
Giuseppe Favretto
Full Professor
Lapo Mola
Associate Professor
Cecilia Rossignoli
Full Professor
Alessandro Zardini
Temporary Assistant Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Human resources management and organizational well being Giuseppe Favretto
Study of the management styles in designing work organization and operating in respect of well-being (organizational well-being and ergonomics) also in coexistence with new technological tools (artificial intelligent and robot) and with software for dynamic evaluation of human resources.
Organizational behavior Serena Cubico
Study of organizational behaviors, local economic systems and management in small and medium-sized enterprises (organizational behavior, SMEs, districts). Analysis conducted through qualitative and quantitative methods and with approach of transversality and interdisciplinarity.
Organizational behavior and behavioral economics Giuseppe Favretto
Study of organizational behaviors with the most recent approaches to the issue of decisions (behavioral economics). The research is carried out through qualitative and quantitative methods and in terms of transversality and interdisciplinarity.
Human resources management Serena Cubico
Study of the management styles and tools that allow to evaluate and develop staff performance in the organizations and to design work organization systems able to operate in respect of the company well-being (organizational well-being)
Impact of ICT on organization and organizational capabilities development Lapo Mola
Development of the topics related to institutional theory in the dissemination and implementation processes of ICT. Analysis of the development of organizational capabilities to enable companies to overcome the challenges of digitalization, products and business processes changes.
New business models and coordination costs Cecilia Rossignoli
Analysis of the topics related to the new business models and in particular to the business networks, as well as the analysis and management of coordination and transaction costs. Analysis of the development of new organizational forms deriving from technologies (ICTs).
New business model and business process management Alessandro Zardini
Analysis of the new business models, and the particular the business network model. Analysis of the organizations development through business process management (BPM). Use of both qualitative and quantitative methods.


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