Risk management

Cristina Florio
Associate Professor
Barbara Gaudenzi
Associate Professor
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Enterprise Risk Management, corporate governance and firm performance Cristina Florio
Study of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in diverse settings (Italy, United States, South Africa) and considering both large corporations and small- and medium-sized companies. The determinants of the adoption of more or less advanced ERM systems are analyzed with particular reference to the role of corporate governance. The impacts of ERM systems on firm performance are also investigated, for instance in terms of cash holdings and internal information quality. Research relies on empirical quantitative methodologies based on both primary and secondary data.
Managing emergent risks: cyber risk and reputationl risk Barbara Gaudenzi
Analysis of perceptions, existing approaches, best practices and development of ad-hoc risk management techniques for assessing and mitigating emergent risks such as - for example - cyber risk and reputational risk.
Strategic risk management in the companies Barbara Gaudenzi
Analysis and implementation of risk assessment (identification, analysis and evaluation) and risk treatment strategies in order to define an efficient strategy of risk management, from the strategic, operational and financial perspectives, in different sectors and types of organizations.
Supply chain risk management Barbara Gaudenzi
Analysis and application of empirical models for Supply Chain Risk Management, through risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies and techniques within the single firm and along the supply chain, for industrial and service industries.


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