Financial markets

Giuliana Borello
Temporary Assistant Professor
Emanuele Maria Carluccio
Full Professor
Giuseppina Chesini
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Knowledge and skills of the personnel involved in the investment advisory service Emanuele Maria Carluccio
Study of different ways through which ESMA guidelines on knowledge and competences have been adopted by different European countries in a very different way, which have led to highlighting a "non-leveled playing field”, with a complete difference impact on the economics of financial intermediaries (the commercial banks in primis) and on the protection of the final customers.
Stock exchange evolution and performance Giuseppina Chesini
Analysis of the evolution and performance of the major Stock Exchanges in the world. Study of the balance sheets of Stock Exchanges to highlight the changes in their ways of doing business. Identification of the main drivers of change. Study of the competitors and of the changes in the management of financial markets in Europe. Comparison of the fee structures for different services.
Covered bonds Giuseppina Chesini
Analyses of the reasons behind the growing success of covered bonds in Europe and in other countries. The efficiency implications for banks adopting covered bonds programs are also examined. The comparative analysis of the different regulations governing the issuance of covered bonds in the various countries. Study of the proposal of a European Directive.
Financial Technology (FinTech) Giuliana Borello
Analysis of the benefits and the risks that the development of the FinTech generates within the financial system. Analysis of microstructural configurations of crowdfunding platforms for financing in the form of debt (lending-based crowdfunding) or capital (equity-based crowdfunding) of consumers and companies.


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