PhD in Economics and Business Administration (last activated in 2013)

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Organization Theory

ottobre 2012 – dicembre 2012

Academic staff
Cecilia Rossignoli

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Content of the course. The primary objective of this doctoral seminar is to survey the major theoretical perspectives and issues studied in organization theory (OT) research. Organization theory is currently a quite live areas in all of social science in part because of the importance of understanding organizations and in part because of the challenges to traditional theory that have emerged over the past 20 years. OT contributes to the development of managerial research at different levels, from micro and individual level to macro and industry level.
The purpose of the course is to take a rigorous in-depth look at selected theoretical approaches to explain organizational phenomena. We concentrate primarily on what are called macro-theories of organizations. Then we move to examine the qualitative approaches to organizational research. From a broad view of old and new theories we move to methods and techniques of research design in organizational studies.
Each session considers both theoretical and empirical contributions. While sessions may differ somewhat in their execution, each session will generally begin with a more general discussion of the components and boundaries of the week's topic. This discussion will be followed by a more in-depth exploration of the readings assigned for the week, where we will explore not just what has been said but also how these theories have been tested and debated. One or two students will be assigned to lead each session’s discussion, and will develop the questions that will guide and structure each week's lessons. 
It’s required to students to be ready to discuss and are expected to read materials before attending class


Durata totale: 30 ore

Rossignoli Cecilia: 12 ore;
Docente esterno: 18 ore