Dottorato in Economia e Direzione Aziendale (ultimo ciclo attivato 28° - anno 2013)

Corso a esaurimento (attivi gli anni successivi al primo)

Corporate governance

aprile 2013 – giugno 2013

Alessandro Lai

Cicli in cui è offerta

28° Ciclo - GSEM



Corporate Governance (CG), making them understanding how and from where the problem of 

governance arises in states, public and private entities. The solution to this problem should promote 

transparent and efficient markets, be consistent with the rule of law and clearly articulate the 

division of responsibilities among different supervisory, regulatory and enforcement authorities. 

Focussing on a corporate level, lectures will show how firms are controlled, who actually exercise 

this control, the way to reduce and manage corporate risk through effective internal control systems, 

and mechanisms driving the distribution of the created value among shareholders. The historical 

evolution of theories regarding CG and different geographic topics are both considered, to get tools 

useful to carry on (or to understand) CG research, and to better understand related methodologies. 

Governance systems are investigated by considering the main principles and rules concerning 

organizations as well as the processes that either direct strategic choices and regulate the 


Durata: 30 ore