Youth Entrepreneurial Centre

The Youth Entrepreneurship Center is an action/research place in entrepreneurship guidance and training, deals with research on job creation, new professions, entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurship support.


- providing additional training to young people in general and students in particular through the development of aspects relating to job creation and entrepreneurship in order to facilitate new career choices;

- strengthening information and theoretical contributions through research projects on young people regarding entrepreneurship, especially as an individual variable and as a process of social and economic development;

- enhancing and developing economic and psychosocial research on youth entrepreneurship;

- increasing the capacity of youth to expand their range of career opportunities;

- fostering analysis and assessment of any potential business choice;

- stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and the idea of creating self-employment;

- promoting development of entrepreneurial potential and providing instruments to measure entrepreneurial aptitude;

- fostering entrepreneurial culture among young people.

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Giuseppe  Favretto
+39 045 802 8744
centro|imprenditoriagiovanile*univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.
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The Center carries out action/research on the theme of youth entrepreneurship, family businesses, development of Small and Medium Enterprises (also organizing and participating in national and international events and projects).

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