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Incoming students

Future international incoming students can find further information visiting the International Relations Office website. Info about classes and examinations timetables are available at the Secretary's Office of the Economics Department Deanship webpage.

When you have doubts regarding academic and teaching matters please contact the Erasmus Team and the Erasmus Project Tutor, our e-mail address is

Information about offered courses

In this section you can find a brief introduction of both undergraduate and postgraduate Courses of the Economics Departments.

Academic year is split into 2 Semesters and ordinary students can take 30 credits (ECTS) for each semester. Undergraduate courses are usually worth 9 credits (ECTS) but there are also some 6 credits modules available in the courses offering.

The courses of our Faculty take place both in Verona and Vicenza.

We offer two undergraduate programs (called “Corsi di Laurea”, also referred as “Corsi di Laurea Triennale”): Please note that all of the modules offered in these two undergraduate programs are fully taught in Italian and they can be attended both in Verona and in Vicenza. For the list of the modules, click on the programs' name and check out the program's web page. Each module's web page contains all the information you may need, such as the semester in which the course takes place, the language of the teaching, course outlines, course code, name of the teacher and coordinator (the teacher responsible for the module), syllabus, exam methods. Be aware that this information may not be available before the beginning of the semester in which lessons take place. However, you can always check for modules' web pages of past years to have a general overview of the main contents and information that you may find useful for the compilation of your Learning Agreement.

Our Faculty also offers 6 postgraduate programs (the so called “Corsi di Laurea Magistrale”):

Verona: Vicenza: N.B. Please notice that the so called “Corsi di Laurea Specialistica” that appear on the Faculty website make reference to the old postgraduate offer which is no more avalibale.

N.B. 2 If you are looking for courses taught in English, you can choose among the ones available for the MAGEC, Master's degree in Economics and for the Master's Degree in International Economics and Business Management, which are all in English .
An updated list of courses offered in English is available at the bottom of this page.
All the other courses, both Master and Bachelor, are taught in Italian. Nevertheless, part of the teaching material could be in English and/or the teacher could give the possibility to take the exam in English.

If you are not comfortable with Italian or you would like to improve it, our linguistic center (CLA) organizes Italian language modules during the whole academic year. The first module attended is free of charge. Please note that in order to get access to classes of any level higher than beginners course (A1-A2), you are asked to register for and take an entry test, which is available on a stated date.
CLA offering also includes English, German, Spanish, French and Russian language courses which for internal and exchange students are free of charge. For info,

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List of the Courses available in English A.Y. 2016/2017   pdfpdf (it, 251 KB, 15/05/17)
Attendance timesheet for exchange students   pdfpdf (it, 389 KB, 17/02/15)