Specialised Degree course in vine and wine production and marketing

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enologia e mercati vitivinicoli


The specialised degree course in vine and wine production and marketing completes the training in this area provided by the 1st level degrees in: Vine and Wine Science and Technologies (inter-university course run by Verona and Padova Universities, in Verona) Vine and Wine Science and Technologies (Padova University, in Conegliano (TV), Vine and Wine Growing (Udine University, in Udine), Vine and Wine Growing (inter-university course run by Udine and Trento Universities, in Trento), of which 180 university credits are recognised. Faculties involved: Economics and Sciences MM.FF.NN.Verona, Food and Agriculture Padova, Food and Agriculture Udine. For further information consult the following websites: http://www.unipd.it/offerta_didattica/corsi/181.htm Padova University http://www.uniud.it/didattica/facolta/agraria/viticoltura_enologia_e_mercati_vitivinicoli-SP" Udine University

Course details

Degree type
Specialist inter-university degree courses
2 years
Degree class
77/S - Postgraduate degree in agrarian science and technology
Supervisory body
Viticultural and Oenological Science and Technology Teaching Committee
Segreteria del Collegio Didattico di Scienze e tecnologie viticole ed enologiche
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Science and Engineering Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Business Administration
Macro area
Law and Economics
Subject area