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A thorough internet search of health professional and consumer directed information about HMRs was conducted. A content analysis of all information relevant to HMRs on two health professional sites and five consumer‑directed sites was performed and comparisons were made. Four themes were derived from the analysis: 1) Rationale for HMR, 2) HMR objectives, 3) Patient counselling, and 4) The use of medication risk factors in statements about eligibility criteria. Comparing a variety of professional and consumer resources about HMRs, the present study found a lack of consistency between resources in HMR information in three main areas: 1) the medication risk factors, which are used to define those persons who may receive benefit from and be eligible for HMRs, 2) the use of subjective patient perceptions of negative experiences with, or emotions about medicines, which, if used, could empower consumers to self-identify for the program, and 3) the description of positive elements of communication during the HMR interview, such as the extended length of the interview with the pharmacist and the opportunity to have questions answered by the pharmacist.

Research activity held to the following publications:

(a) Cobelli N., “La varietà degli approcci allo studio del comportamento del consumatore: il caso Home Medicine Review”, Sinergie, June 2009, pp. 79-94, ISSN: 0393-5108 (Total H Index on Google Scholar: 25).

(b) Cobelli N., “Patients’ perceptions and attitudes towards a medicine review service”, Proceedings, XII International QMOD and Toulon-Verona Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, Verona, Italy, 27-29 August 2009, ISBN: 9788890432705 (article included in the Proceedings of the conference – contribution counted among the Selecter Papers of the conference).

(c) White L., Klinner C., Cobelli N., “Improving the uptake of the Australian Home Medicines Review (AHMR) through patient segmentation”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, vol. 5, n. 3, 2011, pp. 194-204, ISSN: 1750-6123 (research article – SJR Q3 Marketing; H Index 14).

Componenti: Lesley White (referente), Nicola Cobelli (referente italiano), Stephen R. Carter, Christiana Klinner. Tutti i componenti, ad eccezione di Nicola Cobelli, sono di nazionalità australiana.
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Nicola Cobelli
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