History of economic and territorial development (2014/2015)

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Elisa Dalla Rosa
Elisa Dalla Rosa
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secondo semestre dal Feb 19, 2015 al May 29, 2015.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims to define the phenomenon that leads to economic development territorial understood as a complex problem into which different historical, economic, demographic, cultural factors.

The course will seek to highlight the main aspects that helped to determine the process of development, particularly economic, demographic, technological, religion, political institutions, knowledge, and media.
Subsequently will be analyzed some models of territorial development: Veneto and Lombardy.


The attendance is recommended and a program specifically for those attending will be indicated during the lessons.

Programme of course:
-definition of economic development and growth
-role of insititutions as determinants of prosperity or failure of Nations (US,Great Britain, West Europe, Mexico, Russia, Venice)
-concept of civilization and culture
-bourgeois values
-the environmental variable
-regional case of development: Veneto
-differences between the model of development in Veneto and Lombardy

Students not attending can read these texts

D. Acemoglu, J. Robinson, Why Nations fails. The origin of power, prosperity and poverty, Crown Pub, 2013
G. Roverato, L’industria nel Veneto: storia economica di un caso regionale, Padova, Esedra, 1996
A text chosen from the following
J. Huizinga, La crisi della civiltà, Pgreco edizioni, 2012
F. Galimberti, Il volo del Calabrone: breve storia dell’economia italiana nel Novecento, Firenze, Le Monnier, 1998
C. Fumian, A. Ventura, Storia del Veneto, Laterza, 2004, 2° vol., ultimo capitolo
G. Sapelli, Elogio della piccola impresa, 2012

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam will be oral.