Administrative Law and Territorial Autonomies Law (2016/2017)

Course code
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Paolo Duret
Paolo Duret
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Primo semestre Magistrali dal Sep 26, 2016 al Jan 13, 2017.

Lesson timetable

Primo semestre Magistrali
Day Time Type Place Note
Tuesday 2:50 PM - 5:05 PM lesson Lecture Hall SMT.08  
Thursday 2:50 PM - 5:05 PM lesson Lecture Hall SMT.10  

Learning outcomes

The course is organized in two parts.

The part dealing with "Administrative Law" focuses on changes taking place in the organization of Italian public administration and its relationships with citizens according to the principle of subsidiarity.

The part dealing with "Territorial Autonomies Law" aims at offering knowledge and awareness of organization and functions of Regions and local authorities, of their mutual relationships and with the State. These topics gained new and particular relevance after last constitutional reforms and the ongoing one.



The Italian public administration from the beginnings to the constitutional framework.
Last constitutional reforms and new perspectives in administrative law.

Basics of administrative organization.
The rising role of local authorities.
The reform of ministerial administration.
Public bodies, agencies, authorities
Corporations, foundations and private bodies serving community.

Basics of administrative procedure and administrative acts.

Basic principles of administrative justice.

The legislative enforcement of the principle of subsidiarity.


The organization of Italian local government.
Constitutional principles about local government.
The statutes of regions, municipalities and provinces.
The organization of regions.
The functions of regions.
Organization and functions of municipalities and provinces with an outlook on their ongoing developments.
Mutual relationships between state, regions and local authorities.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
P. CAVALERI Diritto regionale Cedam 2009 Utilizzato per la parte del corso relativa al Diritto delle Autonomie Territoriali
L. VANDELLI Il governo locale il Mulino 2014 Utilizzato per la parte del corso relativa al Diritto delle Autonomie Territoriali
S. A. FREGO LUPPI - E. CODINI - A. FOSSATI MANUALE DI DIRITTO DEI SERVIZI SOCIALI G. Giappichelli editore 2019 Utilizzato per la parte del corso relativa al Diritto Amministrativo

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam will be carried out as oral exam. It is aimed at testing the students knowledge of the basics of the discipline and moreover at checking their capability to tackle, in a critical way, the dynamics of italian public administration, thanks to methodology and principles they must have acquired, and therefore to be able to continue studying independently the more complex topics of administrative law in its changing patterns, with a problem solving approach.