Marketing communications (2020/2021)

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Paola Signori
Paola Signori
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secondo semestre (lauree magistrali) dal Mar 1, 2021 al Jun 1, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

This Marketing Communications course is focused on theoretical and technical fundamentals of communications for business, aligned with a marketing approach. In particular, students will understand how to analyze markets and competitors in order to create a marketing strategy, and then define the right marketing mix and its metrics for the control. New marketing and communication trends will be discussed through case studies. During this course, students will be asked to apply with creativity these tendencies and techniques, in order to create a professional marketing and communicaiton plan.


This marketing and communications course needs a basic knowledge on marketing concepts (analytical, strategical and marketing mix). The program offers theoretical and technical knowledge to help students in preparing professional communication plans. In details, the course will cover the following parts:
- Course introduction, from marketing strategy to marketing communication.
- The communication process and its monitoring (five Ws model and nine control areas). Defining communication goals, aligned to marketing strategies.
- Communication models towards the Integrated Marketing Communication framework
- Planning the campaing (consumer journey analysis, FCB Grid. Kvaerk maps, market segmentation and profilation, marketing mix, determinants of campaign strategy. IMC planning, Planning media strategy - black box, John Christie, Bertier Marc- and disseminating the message. Brand Mapping, cluster mapping, cluster brand map. The budget.)
- Executing and evaluating the campaign (Multiple touchpoints, customer experience and communication mix.)
- Marketing Plan Outline. Building an effective marketing and communication plan. Case studies.

In this course, all of the lecturers will be given in Italian. Teaching materials (in italian and partially in English) will be available in E-learning.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Signori P. Visioni, percorsi e verifiche nel controllo manageriale. Applicazioni al marketing e alla comunicazione. McGraw-Hill 2008 9788838666421

Assessment methods and criteria

This exam is composed by two parts: written and oral. Final grade is the arithmetic average of the two.
Written exam= it's a communication plan (max 20 pages) on a case study authorized by the lecturer. Descriptive case studies are not admitted. It is allowed to work in groups (max 3 students). Grade in x/30. Admissions to oral exam with min 18/30.
Oral exam= it's a professional presentation of the communication plan with theoretical and technical discussion. Grade in x/30.