Place marketing (2020/2021)

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Vania Vigolo, Daniela Cavallo
Vania Vigolo
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primo semestre (lauree magistrali) dal Oct 5, 2020 al Dec 23, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at analyzing the strategy able to support a place competitiveness, meant as its capacity to attract both people and companies thanks to the proper development of its human, economic, geographic, historical and cultural resources.


• Introduction: a multidisciplinary approach - The place as a competitive system and place marketing
• Place marketing: definitions of marketing and place - The territory as a system and its finalities
• Macro-trends in the tourism industry and marketing implications for firms and destinations
• Space, place, landscape, environment, time, inhabitants - The brand concept
• Valuing and managing a territory - Quality of life and BES indicators
• Place marketing and communication strategy
• Local authorities, associations and governance - The Territory Coach.
• Place identity and “genius loci" - From the brand to the brand logo
• Place marketing plan and economic development - Case study "Città Metropolitana di Genova"
• Place marketing and tourism - Governance: DMOs, Urban Labs, Urban Centers and project financing in public-private relationships

The Course will include:
- a Project work with brainstorming and focus groups
- guest lectures from managers and entrepreneurs

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Matteo Caroli Il marketing per la gestione competitiva del territorio. Modelli e strategie per attrarre (e far rimanere) nel territorio persone, imprese e grandi investimenti F. Angeli 2014

Assessment methods and criteria

Students' learning outcomes will be assessed through an oral examination.
Evaluation criteria comprise level of knowledge, ability to apply knowledge to real cases and situations and appropriate use of the technical language.