Intellectual property and competition law (2020/2021)

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Paolo Butturini, Sofia Mansoldo
Paolo Butturini
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secondo semestre (lauree magistrali) dal Mar 1, 2021 al Jun 1, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to offer students a general view of the national and international discipline of intellectual property and competition law. Through the analysis of selected juridical cases, lectures also intend to increase students’ capability of recognizing juridical problems related to marketing, communication and advertising, R&D and transfer of technology.


In the current economic context, Intellectual property and competition law have a primary role for business activity on the market. On the one hand, immaterial goods are considered among the most important assets for businesses, providing an incentive to enhance products and services in terms of innovation and reputation; on the other hand, the competitive system allows to direct the market dynamics towards a result of better collective wealth beyond the protection of the single business.
In this sense, intellectual property and competition law are intertwined in a complex way, with the need of a specific balance between opposite interests in order to create a proportionate system that protects business values and foster the competitive game at the same time.
The program intends to analyse the most relevant rules of intellectual property and competition law, with the aim of providing with an exhaustive framework of the regulation on business communication as well as of the rationale underlying it.
Legal theory explanation will be followed by a practical approach to such topics, by means of case studies presentation and related discussion in terms of problem solving about the legal compliance for a correct planning of marketing strategies exploiting business immaterial assets.

In brief, the programm will focus on the following topics:
- Unfair competition law and advertising regulation
- Trademarks and distinctive signs
- Geographical indications
- Patents for invention
- Designs and models

In addition to the relevant rules of Italian Industrial Property Code and Civil Code, as reference book see: Vanzetti - Di Cataldo, Manuale di Diritto Industriale, Milano, Giuffrè, 2018, p. 1-532.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Vanzetti & Di Cataldo Manuale di diritto industriale 2018 (verificare che si tratti dell'ultima edizione)

Assessment methods and criteria

Teaching and assessment methodologies will be communicated as soon as the rules on such activities during next year will be defined.