Business and management history (2021/2022)

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The main goal of the course is to support critical skills in the interpretation of economic facts, through the knowledge of economic and business history between 1945 and 2008.
We argue that the ability to manage some comparative and critical tools, that only economic history is able to offe,r is fundamental for a student approaching the real professional life in business. Unfortunately, only economic history between all economic and business disciplines can display a realistic picture of acts, choices and behavior, often contradictory and irrational, adopted by individual entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, shortly by any subject concurring to shape the market.
Within this frame of practical purposes based on the knowledge of business history, students are requested to manage some research and work tools, such as data banks, media information, in order to support their attitude to watch at the business world - often hidden by non-theoretical purposes - with autonomous eyes.
These Knowledge - in addition to a practical role in supporting the growing of individual civil conscience - has also an outstanding practical utility in assessing personal choices.