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Alessandro Zardini is Assistant Professor in Organizational Studies (SECS P/10) since 2015. He received his M.Sc. Ph.D. (2010) in business administration from the University of Verona. He pursues research in Information Systems (knowledge management, enterprise content management, and decision support systems), outsourcing, and public management. He teaches Organizational design in the master’s in business administration in the University of Verona. Previously, he was a visiting scholar in the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein, in the Accounting and Finance Department in the University of Leeds (UK), Management in the University of Valencia (Spain), and in the Department of Information and Organization in the University of Lund (Sweden). Since 2015, he is director of studies in the Executive Master in ICT Management at the CUOA Business School (Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza). He is also member in the Scientific Committee in the Master in Management sanitario nelle reti dell'assistenza integrata. Alessandro is also web communication delegate for the Department of Business Administration. He publishes in leading journals and has presented and discussed his findings with academics, policy makers and practitioners.


Modules running in the period selected: 17.
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Course Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Master's degree in Data Science Business Analytics (2020/2021)   6  eLearning
Master’s degree in Management and business strategy Business Analytics (2020/2021)   6  eLearning
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies Management Information Systems (2020/2021)   6  eLearning
Master’s degree in Management and business strategy Business Analytics (2019/2020)   6  eLearning
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies Organizational studies and management information systems (p) (2019/2020)   6  eLearning
PhD in Economics and Management Organization Theory (2019/2020)   4   
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Organizational Design (2018/2019)   9  eLearning
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies Organizational studies and management information systems (p) (2018/2019)   6  eLearning
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Methodological research lab: Natural Experiments for the social science (2017/2018)   2   
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Organizational Design (2017/2018)   9  eLearning
PhD in Economics and Management Attività didattica dottorato (2017/2018)   10   
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Organizational Design (2016/2017)   9  eLearning
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Organizational Design (2015/2016)   9  eLearning
Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza) Organizational Design (2014/2015)   9  eLearning
Master's degree in Languages for Communication in Tourism and Commerce Business plan and fund raising (2012/2013)   6   
Bachelor's degree in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy (to qualify as a medical radiology technician) (Verona) Organization of health services (2012/2013)   5    ECONOMIA AZIENDALE E HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT
Degree in Cardiocirculatory and Cardiovascular Perfusion techniques Health Management and Nursing Sciences (2010/2011)   4    ORGANIZZAZIONE AZIENDALE


Research groups

Digital Transformation e orientamenti strategico-manageriali
Il Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale dell'Università degli Studi di Verona in collaborazione con CUOA Business School, ha condotto una ricerca finalizzata a misurare il livello di Digital Maturity delle aziende italiane e verificare come la maturità digitale delle imprese sia correlata alle performance organizzative e al livello di innovazione delle imprese stesse. Un ulteriore obiettivo dello studio è stato quello di comprendere come gli orientamenti manageriali e strategici possano supportare la trasformazione digitale delle organizzazioni e di conseguenza il loro livello di Digital Maturity.
Enterprise 4.0 and digital transformation for micro, small and medium businesses in Verona
The research group acts in synergy with Punto Impresa Digitale of the Chamber of Commerce to provide answers to the digital development needs of 100 Verona’s firms and is linked to the analogous research group at the Department of Computer Science.
New organizational forms ICT-based
The objective of this research group is to investigate issues related to the development of new organizational forms deriving from the adoption of digital technologies and related collaborative platforms.
Sustainable business models and common goods
The concept of common goods can be used to identify all those systems that provide community resources for collective use, which are vulnerable to the opportunistic (over-exploitation and / or disengaging) behavior of that community of users.
New business models and business networks
The research activity is aimed at identifying indicators (KPI) and tools to monitor the performance of the companies that adhere to the network contract.
Business process reengineering in health care system and eHealth
Through an interdisciplinary study, the aim of the research group is to analyze and evaluate the impacts that new technologies have on organizational structures and patients.
Smart Cities and sustainable entrepreneurship
The group's contribution is to support through longitudinal studies, natural experiments and comparative analysis in the field of smart cities, to improve the understanding of various impact factors that influence the capacity for innovation, resilience, sustainability, and quality of life of citizens in the cities.
Vocational Studies
In recent years, there has been a profound transformation in the landscape of professional work. Professional firms have consolidated, growing larger and more global in scope. New organizational forms have arisen that combine professional groups, which traditionally have had strict jurisdictional boundaries.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Business Intelligence, Big Data, and eGovernment Analysis of the Knowledge management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Intelligence, Web and Social Media Analytics, and Big Data. Analysis of the blockchain for the traceability of products and the reduction of counterfeiting. Analysis of the eGovernment challenges municipalities in the municipalities. Management information systems
Management information systems
New business model and business process management Analysis of the new business models, and the particular the business network model. Analysis of the organizations development through business process management (BPM). Use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Organizational studies
Organizational studies
Change management in the Health Care System and eHealth Analysis of the following topics: hospitals change management through the restructuring of information and the electronic medical records (EMR), and the reorganization of the PDTA (diagnostic therapeutic assistance path) through the business processes management approach, and the assessment of the managerial skills in the hospital board. Analysis conducted through qualitative-quantitative studies. Health care management
Health care management
Title Starting date
Study of managerial skills regarding gender, female managerial competences 6/1/19
L’etichetta intelligente come strumento di garanzia nel rapporto fiduciario azienda-cliente per i vini Igt Veneti di alta qualità. SMA.LA.WI. 4/1/19
Nuove forme di aggregazione delle imprese e commons di rete 1/1/18
#BIT, Business Innovation & digital Transformation 1/1/17
La sostenibilità nelle PMI: driver, barriere ed impatti sulla performance aziendale 1/1/17
Governo e Management di Commons e New Commons 1/1/17
Cooperativismo e meccanismi di Governance 12/1/14
Reti di impresa e Banco Popolare 12/1/14
FILIERE E NETWORK: i nuovi "ambiti" di azione delle imprese 1/1/14
Il valore strategico del Chief Information Officer 1/12/12
La riorganizzazione e l'implementazione della cartella clinica elettronica nell'AOUI di Verona 6/5/11
Il cambiamento organizzativo ed il Performance Management Systems nell'Esercito Italiano 11/16/10
L'evoluzione delle forme organizzative ICT based: oltre lo schema classico Mercato Gerarchia (2006) 1/1/06