Nuove metodologie per il calcolo della riduzione di CO2 a livello di regioni vitivinicole nella prospettiva della sostenibilità economica e di mercato. (CO2 Reduction System)

Starting date
April 1, 2013
Duration (months)
Business Administration
Managers or local contacts
Begalli Diego
CO2 reduction,Carbon foot print,Energy efficiency,Sustainability,Wine

The research project is aimed at identifying new methodologies for the calculation of CO2 emissions of specific wine systems combining the Carbon Foot Print and the Energy Efficiency approaches. It experimentally verifies the specific emission factors by microclimate area and type of cultivation. The research projects applies the economic sensitivity analysis and the market analysis in an integrated model of evaluation. It develops replicable systems of self-regulation and self-management of greenhouse gas emissions.


Regione Veneto
Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Syllabus: ENTI.RIC - Finanziamento da enti vari per la ricerca

Project participants

Lara Agnoli
Diego Begalli
Full Professor
Maurizio Boselli
Roberta Capitello
Full Professor
Maria De Salvo
Roberto Ferrarini
Davide Nicola Vincenzo Gaeta
Associate Professor
Riccardo Scarpa
Associate Professor
Angelo Spena

Collaboratori esterni

Rudi Stella
Alto Profilo Consulting
Leonardo Rizzotto
Alto Profilo Consulting
Cristina Fraccaroli
Research areas involved in the project
Environmental Economics
Title Authors Year
Evaluation of Climate Change Effects on the Wine Industry: An Interdisciplinary Approach Begalli D.; Capitello R.; De Salvo M. 2014
The Ricardian analysis twenty years after the original model. Evolution, unresolved issues and empirical problems De Salvo M.; Begalli D.; Signorello G. 2014
Measuring the effect of climate change on agriculture: A literature review of analytical models M. De Salvo; D. Begalli; G. Signorello 2013




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