Textual analysis with VOSviewer

Relatore:  Joanna Błach - Università di Verona
  mercoledì 22 giugno 2022 alle ore 9.00 4 h

This seminar will provide the basic understanding of textual analysis with the application of the VOSviewer software tool for text mining using the natural language processing algorithms. VOSviewer can be used to analyze the structure and the content of corporate documents distributed to the stakeholders (e.g. annual reports), to find out the importance of discussed topics and the co-occurrence links between relevant terms.

After taking this seminar, the participants will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic understanding of scientific approaches to conduct textual analysis and text mining.
  • Data extraction techniques from corporate reports and other sources of information.
  • Creating maps based on network data (e.g. terms, keywords, publications, journals).
  • Visualizing and exploring maps.
  • Cluster and co-occurence analysis of terms.

Futher information on the seminar is available in the attached files.

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Cristina Florio

Data pubblicazione
1 aprile 2022