Established in 2002 and operational since 1st January 2003, the Department of Business Administration has undergone a significant quantitative and qualitative transformation over the years, thanks to the development of its academic staff and enhanced interaction with external contacts.

As of 30 September 2016, the Department is made up of 50 professors and researchers belonging to the following scientific disciplinary sectors:

  • Business administration and management (SECS-P/07)
  • Management (SECS-P/08)
  • Corporate finance (SECS-P/09)
  • Organisation studies (SECS-P/10)
  • Economics of financial intermediaries  (SECS-P/11)
  • Commodity science (SECS-P/13)
  • Rural economics and appraisal (AGR-01)

The Department also includes visiting professors, research scholarship holders, PhD students, contract teachers, tutors, administrative staff and non-permanent members.

The Department’s mission

The Department of Business Administration contributes to research, teaching and third mission activities in the CUN 13 area – Economics and Statistics. In particular, it is a centre of research and specialist training in the ensemble of topics that make up the vast field of Business Administration, taking an active role in national and international academic discussion on the large transformation processes and changes taking place among financial, industrial and service companies in the private and public sector.


Department by the numbers

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