The theory of value creation within firms (2009/2010)

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Silvano Corbella
Academic sector
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
1 - lezione 4 1st semester Silvano Corbella
2 - lezione 1 1st semester Cristina Fasoli

Learning outcomes

The course makes students able to develop basic knowledge about the theory of firm evaluation. The theory of value creation within firms is presented as a branch of management which enhances student’s skills learnt in different courses related to firm’s management and growth processes. In particular, Strategic management, Organization Theory, Accounting and Financial statements understanding and analyzing on one side and, on the other, the ability in national and international financial market data analysis as well as in basic financial mathematic analysis are the milestones needed in order to correctly use the broad range of economic value’s measurement methods, which differ according to measurement objectives and context.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is in written form both for attending and for non-attending students. Students have also the possibility to ask for an oral exam in order to integrate the written test.

Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
00. Programma analitico Teoria del Valore d'impresa  pdfpdf (it, 12 KB, 09/11/09)
01. Parte prima  pdfpdf (it, 492 KB, 14/10/09)
02. Introduzione ai metodi di valutazione  pdfpdf (it, 72 KB, 14/10/09)
03. Il costo del capitale  pdfpdf (it, 178 KB, 14/10/09)
04. I metodi reddituali  pdfpdf (it, 86 KB, 26/10/09)
05. I metodi finanziari  pdfpdf (it, 63 KB, 26/10/09)
06. Il metodo dei multipli di società comparabili e di transazioni comparabili  pdfpdf (it, 596 KB, 04/11/09)
07. Testimonianza  pdfpdf (it, 61 KB, 09/11/09)
08. Il metodo patrimoniale  pdfpdf (it, 231 KB, 09/11/09)
09. Il metodo misto UEC  pdfpdf (it, 595 KB, 09/11/09)
10. Testimonianza 1  pdfpdf (it, 549 KB, 13/11/09)
11. Testimonianza 2  pdfpdf (it, 347 KB, 13/11/09)
12. Testimonianza 3  pdfpdf (it, 358 KB, 24/11/09)
13. La valutazione dei gruppi  pdfpdf (it, 154 KB, 16/12/09)
14. Temi d'esame  pdfpdf (it, 165 KB, 21/12/09)
Esercitazione 1: I metodi finanziari (testo e soluzione)  pdfpdf (it, 198 KB, 04/12/09)
Esercitazione 2: I metodi reddituali (testo e soluzione)  pdfpdf (it, 189 KB, 04/12/09)
Esercitazione 3: Il metodo misto (testo e soluzione)  pdfpdf (it, 339 KB, 11/12/09)
Esercitazione 4: Il metodo dei multipli (testo e soluzione)  pdfpdf (it, 158 KB, 11/12/09)
Testo esame 25 gennaio 2010  pdfpdf (it, 229 KB, 25/01/10)