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Master I in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The LogiMasters, now in its 14th year, has the following objectives:
1. Provide applied specialised education: To train managers in logistics and supply chain management.
2. Encourage international networking: To promote cultural exchanges between top university departments for logistics in Europe and the world. Emphasis on European and international study is assured through a cooperative network of teachers at the best foreign schools and institutions for logistics.
3. Maintain contact with companies: To maintain a constructive, cooperative relationship with local businesses. The LogiMasters programme has planned a rich package of services and events specifically for local companies.
4. Distinguish the University of Verona as a centre of excellence for logistics: To actively promote and manage the research centre in areas of logistics and supply chain management. For this purpose, the LogiMasters programme organises an event or special congress every year with free entry.

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Master I in Internal Auditing & Compliance
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Master I in Human Resources Management Course not running
An expert in human resources management is a highly specialized professional who knows how to take action concerning organizational processes, in both small and large and medium-sized companies, who focus on identifying the personnel needs of the organization in particular consideration of the movement of staff entering, moving internally and leaving.
Th master aims to meet the need, which is particularly pressing, expressed by experts in this sector, of balancing logical reasoning behind actions and actual operative practice, which govern the relationship between individuals and the organizations, and their behaviour when faced with the profound changes in the economy and society which have taken place over recent years. This process is by no means a simple nor a linear one. The post-industrial era has lead us to emphasize, in particular invisible assets and to recognize the contribution that human capital can make to the creating of a competitive advantage that can be maintained. The decline of the large integrated, vertical companies has left room for new "network" organizational models to emerge. They provide a work relatioship model where work is no longer based on jon security and on the role of the permanent employee, but rather on lexible employees, linked to a type of work relationship which is more precarious, and determined by market logic.
This background, as it seems to be devloping, makes us stop and re-assess traditional theories and approaches, in terms of human resources. It encourages us to abandon traditional policies and look to innovative approaches and tools which are suitable to meet the needs of the different characteristics of a large number of individuals who will contribute, in different ways, and with differing levels of commitment and professionalism, to the chain of values in organizations which are, of necessity, becoming more flexible. The Master aims to offer young graduates, from any field, the opportunity to become highly trained, specialized professionals. Such professionals must know how to take action concerning organizational processes, and who can focus on identifying the personnel needs of the organization in particular consideration of the movement of staff entering, moving internally and leaving. In addition to this being an expert in the management and development of human resources means knowing not only on'e specific work context but also having an eye to the big picture as far as the whole organization is concerned. It means, that is, understanding and knowing how to interpret the organization, understand its policies, its mission and vision from the viewpoint of fostering attitudes of positive involvement and the ability to take responsibility for one's own work in the personnel of the company.
Master I in Management and Quality Control in the Agri-Food Supply Chain (interuniversity) (administrative campus: University of Palermo) Course not running
The administrative site of the course is the University of Palermo.
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